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You will learn this method!
The name String Master will soon explode all over the music world!
Learn several instruments in the time it previously took to learn one.
Grow from a base level of understanding to an advanced level in months not years!
Learn more and faster and spend less time doing it.
Save hundreds of dollars on lessons and instructional products!
Turn the learning process into something exciting and fun.
One package that gives you violin lessons, guitar, lessons, bass lessons, mandolin lessons and even keyboard lessons at the amazing low price of $39.99




String Master Will Change The Music World;
Why Not Let It Change Yours Too
You Are 4 Steps And Only Months Away From Playing An Instrument

String Master is the word's first instructional product that dares to teach all the main string instruments in one package, including the Chapman Stick: an instrument that is known for its difficulty!
String Master is the only universal method that has streamlined the structure of instruments into 4 steps that take months to master not years!

Learn In Months What Used To Take Years To Do!
Learn Chords faster
Learn to read your instrument in its full range!
Learn more and faster and spend less time doing it.
Learn to read your instrument in its full range!
Understand the structure of notes on all these instruments: Guitar, Bass guitar, Banjo, Stick Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin, and Keyboards.
Learn the way the great masters and musical virtuosos used the circle of 5ths. One of music's most powerful tools.
See how String Master applies this with it's 4 step Visual Learning System.
Learn to see the structure of any instrument in your mind!
No more memorizing pattern after pattern.
After the completion of this 4 step method you will not need any other method to learn the chords and scales that String Master teaches!
Spend less time practicing and more time having fun playing and be better than if you used traditional methods.
Learn all these instruments on your own time when you want for only $39.99!
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String Master uses Videos, Diagrams, & Interactive
Tests to teach the 4 step method!

String Master uses several different features to make sure that each user learns the 4 step approach to visualizing chords, scales and reading music!

There are over 30 videos that cover concert strings such as (violin, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, Stick, and keyboards.

Videos outline each of the four steps and also cover techniques like bowing and intonation for the violin and concert strings. In addition it covers picking techniques for the guitar, and bass, finger rolls for the banjo and tapping techniques for the Stick.

String Master offers advanced features like visual sketch pads that allow you to practice the lessons and also create your own lessons.

String Master gets the user involved in the learning process with interactive quizzes and visual exercises.

String Master Is The Future of The Music World

String Master can teach instruments faster and more competitively than any traditional methods being sold today! It will replace the Suzuki system for violin and all concert strings as well as the CAGE system for instruments like the guitar and bass.

String Master will replace books and instructional products that teach guitar tabs and scale books for the guitar. Violin scale books and chord books are no longer needed. Books that teach cello scales and viola scales are a waste of time!

String Master 4 step approach is less expensive and provides more information than any online guitar lessons, online bass lessons, online mandolin lessons, and online violin lessons.

String Master will teach you more in months than years of private lessons. No need for violin lessons and guitar lessons or bass lessons when you can learn in your own home and get better results!

String Master will inspire musicians in the recording industry to play several instruments instead of only one. This will change the music world!

String Master will be what brings instruments like the Stick and various configurations of violins that have more strings than standard violins do to the fore front of the pop culture.

All traditional methods are outdated and a waste of time compared to what String Master teaches!

String Master opens the door for the world of music. Let it do the same for you. Welcome to the future.

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